Core Features

These are just some of the many features available through InRoll+.

Online Enrollment

Comprehensive 24/7 online enrollment system that eases the annual enrollment process


Language is not a barrier with InRoll+

Video Tutorials

Helping employees understand their benefits and why they are important

Extensive Reporting

Extensive online and ad hoc reporting available 24/7

Full Benefits Services

Architecture designed to accommodate and communicate with leading providers of COBRA, HRA, HSA and FMLA

Mobile Access

Full modern browser support from any connected device


Each feature of the system can be customized to each plan

Service Provider Network

A full network of integrated carriers, payroll providers and specialty providers

Extensive Video Resources

Our system uses video to get important benefits messages across, regardless of the device or language.

Communicate Benefits Messages Clearly

InRoll+ is a comprehensive bilingual 24/7 online Benefits Administration system. It has a complete menu of educational video tutorials in English and Spanish to help employees understand the value of their benefits.

Understand Benefits Utilization

InRoll+ offers robust reporting for both the Broker/Consultant and employer, allowing them to understand employee purchasing behavior and maximize benefits offerings.

We Work The Way You Work

InRoll+ is available from any desktop, tablet or mobile device and has an online chat feature that can be scheduled as needed.

Broad Service Provider Network

Our system is flexible, allowing us to work with a wide range of insurance providers and payroll systems. InRoll+ offers you the ability to introduce new and innovative benefits to employees while maintaining valued, existing vendor relationships.

InRoll+ offers a rich Service Provider Network of Insurance Companies, Payroll Providers, and Speciality Providers

Insurance Companies

InRoll+ supports connectivity to top products from a wide range of insurance providers.

Payroll Providers

InRoll+ works with leading payroll providers to securely transfer benefit and deduction information. Flexible file formats are available to allow rapid implementation of new payroll services and special situations.

Specialty Providers

Special products? Innovative services? Not a problem for InRoll+. Our open architecture allows for a unique mix of services to a wide variety of audiences.

InRoll+ supports a complete COBRA Administrative process.

  • Supplies a Compliance Manual
  • Records and maintains documents on all COBRA activity
  • Provides proof of qualifying event notification
  • Establishes election and payment receipt deadlines
  • Maintains records on all COBRA correspondence

InRoll+ provides a complete HSA Administrative process.

  • Provides a Compliance process
  • Ease of administration
  • Full service banking and investments
  • Secure online process
  • Detailed reporting available
  • Fast turn setting up new accounts

InRoll+ enables a complete FMLA Administrative process.

  • Reduces the administrative burden
  • Makes sure that PHI (Protected Health Information) is secure
  • Minimizes potential of employee abuse of FMLA
  • Removes the "personal" nature of FMLA administration from the Employer
  • Ongoing information and updates on evolving FMLA regulations

Managing FSA accounts and submitting claims has never been easier.

  • Smartphone and Web access 24/7
  • File claims paperlessly
  • Check account balance and transactions
  • Smart Debit Card for immediate claims payment
  • Electronic recordkeeping and reporting

Employees have access to a complete Telemedicine Administrative process.

  • 24/7 access to doctor via phone or online
  • Resolves many medical issues
  • Expedites short-term prescriptions by avoiding Doctor office visits
  • Provides direction if specialist needed
  • Nationwide coverage
  • Board certified doctors

InRoll+ makes HRA administration easy

  • Keeps Compliance records
  • Supplies a Compliance Manual
  • Offers three plan designs to choose from: First Dollar Plan, Comprehensive Plan, Restricted Plan
InRoll+ offers a full suite of services including COBRA, HSA, FMLA, FSA, Telemedicine, and HRA.

Our Commitment To Security

Security is built into every part of our process. From the design of the software to the way that it handles critical information, each stage of our process has rigorous security controls and monitoring to preserve the safety of data.

  • Access logged using IP address
  • Daily scans of systems by 3rd party monitoring services
  • Firewall systems managed 24/7 by global security team
  • Quarterly penetration tests and application review
  • Financial grade SSL encryption of all traffic
  • All personal information stored in encrypted formats
  • Multi-factor authentication options available
  • Data centers exceed the requirements of all industry and government guidelines including HITECH and HIPAA
  • Systems protected against loss and data stored in multiple data centers